Thomas M. Dickinson

A photo of me standing next to a sign that says "FRIENDSHIP", which is a kind of interpersonal relationship I like to have.


Hi, I'm Tom. On the internet I am sometimes called Mr. Tom, to differentiate me from other people whose names are also Tom. My username in many places is NowWeAreAllTom.

In case you're wondering "what's this guy's deal," here is a bulleted list explaining what my deal is:

The Newsletter

If you've read this far and you still want to know more about me and what I get up to, then it's very important that you sign up for my newsletter. I will not bother you with constant email. In fact, people tend to complain about how infrequent the newsletter is. That's how un-bothersome it is. People want me to do more of it.

The Moment

The main thing I'm working on right now that you should know about is Doctor Who: The Moment, a podcast about Doctor Who. Each week I talk to a different guest about a moment in Doctor Who that they feel strongly about. You can find out more by clicking below:

Doctor Who: The Moment

I'm really proud of the show. As of this writing, Season 2 is in progress. I've even been told by some people who have never watched Doctor Who that they've listened to the show and enjoyed it! If you're interested in hearing the show, I recommend you head over to the episodes page and browse around to find an episode that covers a Doctor Who story you're familiar with. Or if you don't know where to start, you might try this episode, which I've been told is a standout.

Video Essays

Another recent project you might want to know about is the video essay I made about moral philosophy in Doctor Who. It's adapted from a talk I gave at the Gallifrey One convention in February of 2019. I'm really proud of this and I hope you'll watch it!

Please let me know if you watched this and liked it! I am considering making more in the future, but I want to know if there are actually people who are interested in content like this.

The Other Stuff

Here's some of the other stuff I've done that I would like you to know about:

Keep in Touch!

To keep up with my latest stuff, you can sign up for that newsletter I already mentioned. If you prefer to hear from me in a way that is more frequent and annoying and a little perplexing, follow me on twitter (warning: high nonsense content).

If you need to tell me something, or ask me something, you can send an email to tom [at] nowwearealltom [dot] com.